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Our Medical Center was established by Dr. Mikhail Zobin, a specialist in psychiatry, in 1996, with assistance fromprofessors Anatoly Portnov and Irina Pyatnitskaya, leading nationally recognized scientists in the field, who offered their unequivocal scientific and organizational support. For many years, the Center has remained one of the most respected and influential facilities in the former Soviet Union designed to treat drug addiction.

The facility is located in a picturesque wooded area in Odintsovo county on the campus of a military hospital, just an hour's drive away from downtown Moscow. The Center treat patients with alcohol and drug addiction, many of whom may also have other complex medical conditions. It also offers therapeutic and psychological support to the patients' families. 

The high degree of effectiveness of the treatment for patients with severe heroin addiction laid the foundation for the Center's professional reputation. The Center became very well known based on recommendations by those who had already undergone the therapy and gotten rid of their drug addiction. The Center’s reputation spread far and wide; patients started arriving from the countries of the former Soviet Union and Europe. 

Extensive media coverage of the procedure in Yugoslavia, Hungary, the Czech republic and other countries triggered a flow of patients from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Greece to Dr. Zobin’s Center in Moscow. Some of them were accompanied not only by their parents, but also by their private doctors and invited professionals from their respective specialized clinics. European specialists in substitution therapy noted that the patients who had undergone short-term therapy in Moscow stopped using opioids. In Switzerland, a group of our former patients even set up their own community, which they called “Moscow Veterans”; they even came up with their own badges. 

During the more than twenty years of its existence, the Center has never launched a single advertising campaign, which for a private clinic is very rare. Nevertheless,we are constantly covered by the Russian and international media. All the TV programs, newspaper and magazine articles featured on our website or on YouTube are genuine, heartfelt stories shared by our patients of their own accord. 

 The Dr. Zobin Center in Montenegro

In 2009, The Dr. Zobin Medical Center, at the invitation of the Government of Montenegro, opened a clinic in that country (in the city of Kotor).

Throughout the years of its operation, due to the variety of cases in our clinical practice, the diversity of medical services offered by our Center also grew to keep up with the demand. Currently, apart from the conditions associated with various forms of addiction, we help patientscope with depression, psychotic and behavioral disorders, anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, chronic pain syndromes and other mental healthissues.