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Our Medical Center was founded in 1996 by Dr. M. Zobin with the scientific support and direct participation of the country's leading scientists in the field of narcology, Professor A. Portnov. and Professor I. Pyatnitskaya. The organization of a small scientific and medical institution was aimed at the introduction of fundamentally new therapeutic technologies, superior in their effectiveness to traditional methods of treatment of alcohol and drug dependence. Short-term outpatient programs were developed that make it possible to achieve optimal results in the treatment of narcological disorders within a short time.

The therapeutic interventions with a transpersonal orientation applied within these programs affect the deeply psychological foundations of addictive behavior, promote the transformation of patients’ pathological experiences and world outlook, and are able to activate personal resources and facilitate withdrawal from the use of psychoactive substances.

For a long time, our Medical Center worked within the framework of a general hospital, hence had the opportunity to receive for treatment patients with various narcological pathologies and concomitant mental disorders. Most patients had experienced many years of unsuccessful attempts to overcome alcohol and drug dependence. Therefore, positive results were required to increase confidence in the new therapeutic approaches and to attract a large number of patients not only from Russia but from other countries as well.

In more than twenty years of work, thousands of patients from Russia, former Soviet republics, Europe and North America have received therapeutic assistance and necessary support. In addition to their closest relatives, they have sometimes been accompanied by family doctors, as well as by professionals invited from specialized medical institutions. In a number of countries, our former patients have created communities and clubs to provide mutual support in a sober life. In the course of follow-up, European professionals have confirmed the success and sustainability of the results of transformation therapy conducted at our Center.

 In our clinical work we are focused on achieving the best possible results.  Considering this to be the best promotional strategy, we have never conducted any advertising campaigns. At the same time, we have always been in the eye of Russian and foreign media. Some of the television programs, news reports and magazine articles concerning our activities are collected in the section "The Mass Media About Us" [in Russian].

Over many years of work, the demands of clinical practice have led to a constant increase in the volume and range of the Center’s medical care. Today, in addition to addiction diseases, we provide medical care to patients with depression, psychotic and behavioral disorders, anxiety disorders, sleep problems, chronic pain syndromes and other mental health disorders.

The reputation of the Medical Center in the international professional community and the recognition of the results of our work were the basis for opening a clinic in the Balkans. Currently, Dr. Zobin's Medical Center operates in Montenegro, by invitation of the country’s leadership.