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The Medical Center implements cutting-edge treatment techniques whose effectiveness has been validated by evidence-based research and clinical practice. Innovative therapeutic procedures are employed in a safe and sound environment adapted to fit the needs of each individual patient seeking treatment.

We conduct out-patient treatment for the different kind of drugs addictions The detoxification is not carried out in our clinic, so the patients have to come for the treatment after full reduction of the main signs of withdrawal syndrome, but not early than three weeks from the last taking heroin (two weeks are needed for drugs like cocaine, crystal meth and marijuana, and one week for alcohol). The obligatory condition is deliberate and voluntary motivation for therapy. The presence of close others (usually family members) who can give the positive supporting to the patients is expedient and desirable. The individual approach is provided by a motivational enhancement, urgent therapeutic intervention in the crisis situations and maintenance therapy of coexistent psychic disorders over a long time of recovery.

The special brief term outpatient therapy with aim to solve the core problem of addiction – compulsive desire (craving) to drugs or alcohol is realized in the framework of complex treatment. This combined technique involves multilevel intervention with using of transpersonal approaches for ousting of abandoned motivational mechanism of addiction. At the same time the stirring up of personal resources in the new perception redirects stably to purpose behavior connecting with cessation of taking drugs. Influence upon the neurobiological mechanisms of the addiction is provided by blocking receptors techniques with using of various forms of naltrexone, transcranial electrostimulation and neuropeptides (complex proteins) which reinstate normal brain biochemical characteristics.